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10 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Kids ❤️

Being a parent, you should always have some of the best ideas for indoor activities with your kids. We are living in a world where we can expect anything at any time. Due to the harsh weather conditions or unexpected school closures you might be stuck with your kids indoors.

Dealing with kids can be difficult in these times, especially for teenagers. So you should always be prepared for some indoor activities with kids. 

We have created a list of activities that you can try with your kids. You can try any of the following indoor activities with your kids depending on their interests.

Cooking and baking with your child 🥧

If you are stuck indoors what will be more exciting than trying out the new dishes with your kid? You can involve your kids as much as they want.  

Spending indoor time cooking and baking will help your child to get creative. You can make their favorite dish together or try baking some cookies or cupcakes with their favorite toppings.  

Arrange a movie night 🎥

You can arrange a movie night with your children or watch their favorite TV show. It is the best indoor activity to spend quality time with your family and also strengthen the family bond.

Believe me, it’s going to be a memorable moment of your life. It would be great if you choose a comedy movie to make the time spent together more enjoyable.

Guess the music 🎼

10 activities to do with your kids - Guess the music with kids - Worldwide Creativity

It is one of the favorite games of our teenage and we believe kids still love this game. Play the song for your kids to guess. You can select their favorite songs and tunes from their favorite TV shows.

Make this game more fun by adding some new rules. For instance, divide your kids into teams and every time your kids guess an answer they have to buzz in. The first one to buzz in can tell the name of the song. Whenever someone answers correctly, the competitor team should have to eat sour candy.

Create a music or dance video 🎶

10 activities to do with your kids - Create music or video with kids - Worldwide Creativity

It is the age of following famous trends and creating unique content, so why don’t you give it a try and encourage your child to upload their music or dance video?

You can dress up and dance to trendy songs together or help them make their video. There are many apps that you can use for video making or editing. Be a supportive parent and allow your child to share their talent with the world.

Design a lava lamp 🌋

10 activities to do with your kids - Design a lava lamp with kids - Worldwide Creativity

You can try some productive indoor activities while you are stuck with your children. Kids love putting a lava lamp in their bedroom and you can help them make one at home. Lava lamps are easy to make and don’t need much material. You can easily find most of the ingredients in your kitchen.

If your kids are not interested in science, doing different science experiments can help them acknowledge the cool chemical reactions and ultimately love science.

Design a stationery pot 🪴

10 activities to do with your kids - Craft with kids - Worldwide Creativity

Making a cute stationery pot with your kids is another great indoor activity.

When kids are in their growing age, you can teach them discipline and organization in a fun way.

A functional stationery pot will keep your child’s desk organized and neat. For making a stationery pot, you need to recycle a plastic bottle, some marker colors, and paint. Let your kid design and paint their stationery pot. This indoor activity will keep your children busy for a much longer time.

Make dreamcatchers together 🧵

10 activities to do with your kids - Design a dreamcatcher with kids - Worldwide Creativity

Teenage is a time when kids want the support of their friends, family, and most importantly their parents. Kids at this stage of life go through a lot of changes and they might have nightmares.

If you want to connect to your kids’ feelings and emotions, you should understand what they are going through. You can spend indoor time with your kids to support their biggest fears.

Make a dreamcatcher together and hang it in their room. A DIY dreamcatcher is what kids love to place in their bedrooms. You can use vibrant colors, beads, and a little imagination to decorate the dreamcatcher.

DIY your masterpiece 🎨

10 activities to do with your kids - Painting with kids - Worldwide Creativity

It’s time to play and get creative with colors. Collect all the markers, glue paints, papers, beads, and colors, and encourage your child to get creative.

Instead of using brushes for painting, try using finger paint or vegetable painting. For vegetable painting, you need to slice some potatoes in half. You can cut different patterns or faces and dip the vegetable in paint.

Give each other a makeover 💄

This indoor activity is great to play with your kid. You can take out your old makeup, nail polishes, and hair brushes and let your artist doll you up.

To make it more interesting and fun, try a blindfolded makeup challenge and enjoy the hilarious result.

Share a journal with your kid 📔

10 activities to do with your kids - Journaling with kids 2 - Worldwide Creativity

Parents and kids share a unique relationship of emotional love. When kids are growing, they need their parents to understand and support them. To make this bond stronger, you can share a journal with your kids to deepen the roots of your connection.

If your kids are more than six years old, sharing a journal is an awesome idea to promote an emotional bond with them. The parents-kids journals involves several interesting and engaging playful challenges, thoughtful prompts, and awesome activities.

All these fascinating activities provide great opportunities to promote gratitude and connection with your children. You can also record your precious moments within it. This book can become a treasure for both of you.

Write up all your secrets, your thoughts, memorable days, wonderful adventures, and amazing experiences of life in this special journal to promote a long-lasting relationship. You can cherish all these memorable things for a lifetime. 

Father Son Journal - Activities For Parents and Kids
Father and Son Journal - Indoors Parents and Kids Activities

What does this journal offer to parents and kids?

The journal offers a wide range of mindful activities that help to make it even more enjoyable. This gem involves all the essential tools that are required to strengthen the bond between parents and kids.

Following are some of the activities of this journals: 

  • Creative questions:

This journal offers creative questions that contribute to provoking their imaginations.

  • Mindful questions:

Mindful questioning helps to boost thoughtfulness. For instance: “If you could give every person in the world one value, what would it be?” Or “What skills do you have that you can teach others?”

Thinking about the answers to these questions together will help both of you to understand each other better.

  • Cherish precious stories:

You can share your childhood stories with your kid like your favorite family tradition when you were growing up. Also, share the embarrassing things your mother and father ever did to you. This activity will build trust in your relationship with your daughter/son and he/she can share her/his feelings with you more openly.

Tell your kid what you are proud of and compare your thoughts and perspectives.

  • Abundant space: 

It provides an abundant space to record unlimited memories, tell stories, compare each other’s answers, and doodle about life experiences.

  • A perfect gift:

This journal is also a perfect gift for a parent to give to their children. The kid can also impress their parents by presenting this great journal gift on mother’s/father’s day or other special occasion like Christmas or anniversaries.

Try the following journals to make a stronger bond with your kids:


If you are stuck with your child at home and you want to make this time productive for your parent-child relationship then you should also try these activities. You can invest in some indoor toys or some journals to make the boring indoor times a fun activity. 

If you are not interested in all of them you can still try a few of them. Believe me, these activities are not only to kill boredom, but they will also challenge your child’s brain and muscle development.

Furthermore, spending quality time with your kids will help you to develop a strong bond with them

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